Peruvian adventure Story "Peckerwood Twist"
Peruvian Amazon Adventure
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Peckerwood Twist      Then, Cuban Twist sequel to PWT
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This last story of the travels of Sam Paris brings him to Cuba...
Will Ursula again join Sam in his Lifelong quest of adventure and wealth?

My name is Sam Paris, for the last day and a half I have been out at sea giving myself a 16 mile circle of safety from detection. Somewhere off the coast of Florida on my South from Canada.
  I place the "Beast" on auto pilot, and my thoughts pass through my brain occupying space and not paying any rent for years. I am constantly always running from murder, I may have killed three persons for sure one is dead turned into mush, by me, then packaged as Cat food. One a woman with a well developed belly is full of 9mm slugs and then there is Harry Parker the jerk who just had to liquor me up to draw out my story. 

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 Cover Design by: Kristin C. Klaiber
Editing and re-writing provided by
Joyce Shafer

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