Peruvian adventure Story "Peckerwood Twist"
Peruvian Amazon Adventure
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Peckerwood Twist      Then, 33 Souls of Lilith
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Lilith walked down the stairs to the first floor then stood behind the very large black security guard seated in front of a TV. His back was turned to her as he watched an ad on the television. He was still sweating from his hurried false errand to the subway station.   

The guard didn’t notice that the woman behind him was the same woman in the commercial, dressed as a nurse, as she practically purred to viewers, “Can I interest you in pleasure? A box of dreams, perhaps? Your pain all gone? Why wake up each day with the pain of life throbbing in you. Still living at home, not ever having a meaningful relationship? Look at yourself; take a really good look. Are you overweight? Do you have hidden fears of being found out by your aging parents that you’re gay? Do you wish them dead? If you would like to calm the pain—make it go away, just turn around and become all you can be, as the Marines like to say. Go ahead, turn around.” 

The screen went blank. The guard heard in his thoughts, “Turn around.”  

He spun around on his chair. No one was there; but on the counter was a box the size of a large cereal package. He picked it up and examined what seemed like biblical passages written on it. He placed his reading glasses on his bulbous nose and began to read from the top, on what he guessed was the front of the box: 

You must go where you can be alone; and you must read aloud all that is written on this box. Then, break the seal. If you do this, your life will change; but to do so comes with a penalty.


 Cover Design by: Kristin C. Klaiber
Editing and re-writing provided by
Joyce Shafer

Peckerwood Twist©