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 PictureI loved Peckerwood Twist by Nathan Lichtwar.  This title has a phenomenal plot with an amazing and unexpecting ending.  Is it true or is it not?  You will have to read this book to find out!

Sam Paris is a Vietnam War Veteran, a drunk, and a patron at a local bar called Peckerwood.  Not much unusual happens at the Peckerwood,  so when new faces appear, they are hard to go unnoticed.

Harry and his gorgeous wife walk into Peckerwood demanding to receive a case of the famous Peckerwood Hot Sauce.  Turning heads with their every step,  they walk to the end of the bar where Sam happens to be sitting.  Coincidence?  It turns out Harry is a journalist looking for a new hot story, and he's willing to compensate well for it.  Sam, who's a little down on his luck, (or isn't he?), agrees to give Harry a story as long as he keeps the beers coming.

As Harry and Sam move to a private table,  while Harry's wife amuses the other patrons, Sam starts his story about his Amazon adventure.

Follow Sam through small towns, raging rivers,  being hunted,  and dense jungle as he tells his tale of how he met a beautiful woman named Ursula,  how he became a man of interest, and his struggle to survive the jungle of the Amazon.

Lichtwar did an excellent job in Peckerwood Twist!  Throwing in some great humor with constantly guessing what is a reality and what is not, this title has enough adventure and mystery to keep you anxious to turn the pages! 

This is one title I would love to see become a movie and I hope to see more of Nathan Lichtwar.  I highly recommend Peckerwood Twist giving it
***** (5) Stars, BK Walker, reviewer for BK Walker Books, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams". 
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Oct. 15, 2009By a Lulu User
"Peckerwood Twist -- lgk"
Mr. Lichtwar kept my head spinning - right to the unexpected end. His Sam Paris has more escapes than Houdini and keeps you guessing as to what will happen next. I wait, with anticipation for the sequel, which I do hope is in the making.
Oct. 15, 2009By Nathan Lichtwar
"Epic tale"
RaKlaiber Thank you so much for your kind words. It was my pleasure to read Chapter one to a room full of my good friends and family. Enjoy the rest of Peckerwood Twist. Captain Nathan Lichtwar
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Jun. 16, 2008By Marty Singleton
"Peckerwood Twist"
I loved this book. Had trouble putting it down. Very swift read, the characters took me on an amazing journey. I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen.... Peckerwood Twist is packed with action, mystery and intrigue. An excellent yarn, and what a surprise on Nathan Lichwar’s first time out.
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May. 14, 2008By raklaiber
"Peckerwood Twist"
I was fortunate enough to have the author read chapter one to a group of us while in NY one weekend. It was so captivating that I had to buy the book. I look forward to reading it right away. I was really intrigued once I read the other reviews. I'm pleased to hear that there are more epic tales on the way. RAK boater, Maine

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