Peruvian adventure Story "Peckerwood Twist"
Peruvian Amazon Adventure
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Peckerwood Twist      Coming Soon, Eight Twisted Shorts,
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Eight Twisted Shorts, are now with my Mentor/Editor
Joyce Shafer!

The observer, dressed in deerskin from last year’s hunt, stood motionless on the craggy bluff. His deep-set, piercing eyes fixed on the waxy sea and horizon. Barely a ripple or hint of breeze disturbed the two eagle feathers in the leather band tied around his forehead as he wondered what was before and beyond his vision. A haze slowly rolled across the horizon, and he watched the fog approaching over the water thicken. 

His eyes squinted to sharpen focus as a dark shape appeared and grew larger in the fog bank rolling towards him. In that stillness, the form drifted closer. The observer’s breath moved in unison with a pulse that came from the apparition, at first only sensed by him until . . . a thump, then another and another. A muffled boom followed by another; then a beat and more beats.

Cast forth from the fog, came a large serpent’s head followed by a long, massive curve of timber. The observer had no ability to recognize how handsomely the timber had been laid out, nor the understanding to comprehend the skill involved.  

The center of the craft bulged just short of the water line, and the bulge continued to rise higher, until it ended at the serpent’s tail. This creature appeared able to move through waters of any sea, head- or tail-first, as though which end it used to guide itself didn’t matter. 

Outboard, full-length on both sides, were large shields made of leather. Oars swung forward and dipped silently into the sea. Then, they thrust back to stern, to lunge the craft forward again and again. This was the pulse the observer had first sensed and now heard; but he didn’t know what it was he saw or why he had sensed this creature’s breaths. He felt survival instincts replace his fascination—the real need to hunt for food—more real than any threat from this sea-locked creature. He turned away without looking back. He’d seen other creatures move in the waters before. In his uncomprehending mind, there was nothing about this vision to remember or be concerned about. 

 Cover Design by: Kristin C. Klaiber
Editing and re-writing provided by
Joyce Shafer

Peckerwood Twist©