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Peruvian Amazon Adventure
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Peckerwood Twist      About the author
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   I’m known as the Old Man of the Sea in the New York Harbor area.

My over 45-year life on the sea began as a young sailor for the U.S. Coast Guard then moved to tug boats, including a stint as a New York Harbor ferry boat operator. I own and operate Cielo e Mar Charter Service and New York Boat Charter an event-planning service for the Yachting industry.

I was publisher-owner of Cross Up, Long Island’s Motorcycle Scene.

I’ve traveled extensively throughout the world, on and off the beaten tract. My travels and adventures inspired me to write and publish PeckerwoodTwist; and as I like to say, what’s in my book is “. . . either 90% true and 10% false, or just the opposite.”

That’s right—my novel is based on some of my own experiences—but don’t ask me which ones happened or didn’t. I won’t tell.

Another point of interest:

I’ve been a guest on Oprah twice


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