Peruvian adventure Story "Peckerwood Twist"
Peruvian Amazon Adventure
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Peckerwood Twist
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Novel about a Peruvian Amazon Adventure: Cast includes one on an adventure of a lifetime,

A novel written by Nathan Lichtwar
  Like the real-life bar it was named after—the PeckerwoodPeckerwood Twist lives up to its name as a hotbed for misfits, dangerous women, and trouble.

This motley cast includes one on an adventure of a lifetime, some trying to survive, and others with a purpose that we thought had ended many, many years ago.

If you’re like other readers, you’ll feel the twist. You’ll abandon any attempt to figure out what’s next—and savor the ride.

“Mr. Lichtwar kept my head spinning—right to the unexpected end. His Sam Paris has more escapes than Houdini and keeps you guessing as to what will happen next. I wait, with anticipation, for the sequel, which I do hope is in the making.”

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 Cover Design by: Kristin C. Klaiber
Editing and re-writing provided by
Joyce Shafer

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